Vinyl Cafe Christmas Show with Stuart McLean 2014

(No performances available)

DATE: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TIME: 7:30 PM

LOCATION: Conexus Arts Centre, Main Theatre

PRICE: $52.00* (Plus Applicable Services Charges)
*Special pricing available for students and groups of 20 or more. Identification will be requested at the door for those with student price tickets. 

Christmas is a time of tradition.


And it’s no different for us here at The Vinyl Cafe.


Christmas has been a tradition for us ever since the year that Morley asked her husband Dave to cook the family turkey.  Morley came to Dave said: “I want to take the kids to the food bank. And if I’m going to do that I need you to step up to the plate: I need you to cook Christmas dinner.”


Dave agreed. But things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Or his plan anyway.


We’ve been celebrating Christmas at The Vinyl Cafe ever since. We celebrate by taking our show on the road. 


And we do what everyone likes to do at Christmas – we gather together with friends to tell stories and sings songs.


This year’s Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert will feature two brand new Dave and Morley stories and new music.


We know that it has become a tradition for many families to attend our show each year. We like that. It is nice to recognize faces in all the different towns we visit. So we thought we’d include something for those regulars.


Here is a Vinyl Cafe Christmas Quiz. Feel free to share with your friends.


Answers below.


Hope to see you again this Christmas.



1. How does Dave defrost the turkey on Christmas Eve?

2. What does Dave nickname the turkey?

3. What grade is the turkey? A or B?

4. Where does Dave take the turkey to be cooked?

5. Who does Dave run into there?

6. BONUS EXTRA POINTS: Morley tells Dave that her life reminds her of a train. Who does she say Dave is on the train?


1. With a hairdryer

2. Butch

3. Grade B

4. The Plaza Hotel

5. His neighbor, Jim Scofield and his mother

6. The guy in the bar car, asking for another drink (but, the way Morley said it, Dave could tell she still loved him)


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